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Learn about the Derivatives Calculator

Jack Andrews
July 27, 2021
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This is the Unabated Derivatives Calculator focusing on Alternate Spreads & Totals. What this tool allows you to do is enter a starting point and produce the corresponding price for an alternate line. This calculator can accept input in American Odds, Decimal Odds or Fractional. It works with both sides and totals in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or the NHL. Let’s walk through a couple examples:


Your NBA team is favored by 6, but you want to be able to price how that corresponds to an alternate spread of -8.5. You enter the original line of -6 and a price of -110 and then enter -8.5 as the Alternate Line. The calculator returns the relative value of that alternate line. 


It is important to note that the exact value of each point is dependent on other factors in the game such as the total. In the simple version of the calculator we make assumptions given the information you provide. Without being given a total, we assume the league average. However, we give you the ability, via the Show More Info link, to input the projected total to produce an even more exact answer. Using our previous -6 original line, we can see that the equivalent price at -8.5 varies if we use a low total vs a high total. 


In MLB we require you to specify if the team is Home or Away, this impacts calculating alternate lines due to the home team not batting in the bottom of the final inning when leading. 


You can also use this tool to find accurate pricing for alternate totals such as in the NHL where a line may be over 5 -130, but you want to know the proper price for over 5.5? With most sportsbooks offer a wide array of alternate lines, this tool can be especially useful. Go ahead, give it a try!