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The Unabated NFL Season Simulator is a unique tool which allows you to simulate the rest of the NFL season. How the Unabated NFL Season Simulator differs from other tools on the market is through it’s best-in-class handling of dynamic uncertainty in the simulating process. The simulator is based on the same tool that professional bettor and Unabated co-founder, Rufus Peabody, has used for the past decade.

Unabated does all the heavy lifting. You provide power ratings and set some parameters and Unabated will simulate the season 10,000 times and return the results of those simulations. If you don’t have power ratings of your own, that’s no problem. We provide power ratings from around the web which you can import and modify.

The simulator offers three modes. Basic mode, which utilizes a single power rating for each team. Advanced mode, which allows bespoke power ratings for both offense and defense. And our powerful, Unabated mode, which allows for offense, defense, and quarterback ratings.

No matter the mode the user selects, they can also modify the home field advantage, the probability the starting quarterback will get injured in any given game. They can set the impact of that injury. If there is an existing injury at play, they can set the length of time to be missed. Lastly, they can use a slider to project the RUF - Rating Update Function. That is a dynamic uncertainty indicator. It is useful because no team ends the season the same way they began it.

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When you crafted the perfectly designed simulation, we’ll run it for you and then return the results in a very easy to understand results table.


However, we know you’re not just interested in this information for your own imaginary random walk to the Super Bowl. You want to bet with this knowledge. So offer a unique way to view your projections up against the current market lines from over 30 sportsbooks. We will even highlight the wagers available in which your model points out you have value.


We update the simulator engine as well as the importable power ratings weekly to reflect the games completed as the season goes on. Since most sportsbooks offer NFL Futures odds all through the season, it’s never too late to come in and design your own sim. Give it a try!

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