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Use Unabated’s DFS pick’em optimizer to build massive edges with minimal fuss for your Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks entries.

How Does it Work?

Optimize Your Entries

Every game, every player, every line, every sport. You might not be able to analyze them all on your own, but Unabated gives you the tools and resources to quickly and simply find the plays that maximize your edge in Underdog and PrizePicks pick’em entries so you can start winning more, and more often.

Keep it Simple

Cut to the Chase

Whether you’re playing PrizePicks or Underdog pick’em, we make it easy to find the best edges available and add them to your entry. See the edge on each individual pick, the probability that play hits, and the overall edge of the entry.


"I've never taken these DFS sites all that seriously. This tool completely upended that. The new DFS tool is smooth and intuitive, allowing me to immediately identify value in these markets. Unabated has once again changed the way that I approach sports betting."

Andrew K.
Premium member since March 2022
Trust Your Process

Expert Projections, Including Yours

Whether you’re using our projection sets, uploading data from your favorite DFS projection sites, creating your own numbers, or blending together all of the above, Unabated gives you the flexibility to input the numbers you have the most confidence in.


"The DFS tool has been a great resource for me. It has markedly increased the efficiency of my process. I look forward to trying it out during the busy fall sports season, where it should have its greatest benefits."

Beau S.
Premium member since June 2022
Scientists at Work

Data-Driven Simulation

Unabated’s team of data scientists built the simulator that powers the DFS Entry Builder. We run your projections against current lines 10,000 times to determine your edge so you can be confident there’s real, expert math backing up your plays.


"The DFS Beta tool is an incredibly powerful software that enables you to quickly and efficiently measure your edges and build out slips. With it's built in EV calculations, you are able to seamlessly see and build out the best permutations for any projections you provide. Combining the science of bottom up betting with the latency of real-time connection to the leading DFS sites, Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks, it will quickly become any DFS bettor's best friend."

Kevin H.
Concierge member since September 2022
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