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Today's Best WNBA Player Props

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are WNBA Player Props?

WNBA player props are bets on specific statistical outcomes for individual players in a given game, rather than WNBA odds for a game's outcome. These can include over/under bets on points, rebounds, assists, and other stats for women's basketball players.

To help bettors, Unabated's WNBA Player Prop screen allows you to compare odds across many different sportsbooks.

How do I research and analyze player props for WNBA?

To research and analyze women's basketball player props, you may start by reviewing a player's past stats recently and against their upcoming opponent, injury reports, and game matchups. You can also use advanced analytics and betting tools to help identify trends and make informed decisions. Once you have an idea of the stats you expect a player to get, you can use our WNBA props odds to find the best value among the listed sportsbooks.

What are the main differences between betting WNBA player props and NBA player props?

There are several main differences between WNBA and NBA player props. Here are a few key distinctions:

Statistics and Scoring: The WNBA typically features lower-scoring games compared to the NBA, which can affect the available player props. WNBA player props may have lower point totals, rebounds, assists, or other statistical benchmarks compared to their NBA counterparts.

Market Availability: The NBA has a larger and more established betting market compared to the WNBA. As a result, there may be a wider variety of player props available for NBA games, including more specific and niche options. The range of WNBA player props might be comparatively smaller.

Information Availability: Information and statistics about NBA players are often more readily available and extensively covered by media outlets, which can aid in making informed betting decisions. However, finding comprehensive and up-to-date information on WNBA players might require more effort, as coverage and data availability can be more limited. This can be advantage for those that do the research, because WNBA betting is seen as more of a "soft market".

What are the best strategies for betting on WNBA props?

When betting on WNBA props, consider these strategies:

  • Research Player Performance: Look at recent player performance, how they fit in their team's rotation, and consider any changes in how many minutes they may play.
  • Monitor Injury Reports: Monitor injury reports as they can significantly impact minutes played and player performance.
  • Hunt For Value: Use Unabated's WNBA prop odds comparison tool to find the best value across different sportsbooks.
How can I find the best WNBA props tonight?

To find the best WNBA props tonight, use Unabated's WNBA prop tools to compare player prop odds from various sportsbooks. Look for the most favorable odds and bet where there's an edge over the market.

Why should I use Unabated for WNBA player props?

Unabated's WNBA player prop projections have historically moved the market and been profitable for our members. Our WNBA player props screen allows you to compare odds across multiple sportsbooks, helping you get the best value for your bets.

Do Unabated's WNBA player prop projections win?

Over the course of the entire 2023 season, bettors who used Unabated's WNBA player prop projections in conjunction with our Prop Odds Screen simulator to wager on every positive edge shown would have profited 114 units.

For more current results, we post weekly updates on how the projections are performing. These numbers will update weekly on Mondays through the 2024 season.