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Hold Calculator

Enter at least two prices to determine the hold.Teach Me
You can mix and match various odds formats. For Decimal odds that are higher than 100 include the decimal point or it will be interpreted as American odds.

Learn about the Hold Calculator

This is the Unabated Hold Calculator where you can see how much theoretically a sportsbook may hold on any given wager. This is useful to you because it gives you an idea of how much the deck is stacked against you in a given market.

Enter the betting lines offered at your sportsbook to find the theoretical hold on the market. To learn more about how to use this betting calculator, click the Teach Me link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use this?
Click on the Teach Me link above for a guided tour on using this tool.
What odds formats does this tool support?
You can enter American Odds, Decimal Odds, or Fractional Odds. It will recognize the odds format based on your input.
How many different outcomes can I enter?
As many as you’d like. It’ll adjust with each entry.
Can I use implied probability?
Unfortunately, no. It does not accept implied probability or Sporttrade odds as an input.
What does hold mean in sports betting?
The hold is the sportsbook’s term for profit. The result is all from a sportsbook’s point of view. A positive number is a positive hold percentage for the sportsbook assuming balanced wagers on both lines. If your input generates a negative number, this means the sportsbook expects to lose money because a negative for the sportsbook is a positive for the bettor. It’ll show in green.
For a bettor, why does hold matter?
Hold matters because the lower the hold, the less you’ll lose when you’re wrong. Finding the best price across sportsbooks is called line shopping. And using the best prices you find on either side of a line creates the lowest possible synthetic hold. The lower the synthetic hold the less of an edge the sportsbooks have over the bettor, regardless of bettor skill.