Hold Calculator

Enter at least two prices to determine the hold.Teach Me
You can mix and match various odds formats. For Decimal odds that are higher than 100 include the decimal point or it will be interpreted as American odds.

Learn about the Hold Calculator

This is the Unabated Hold Calculator where you can see how much theoretically a sportsbook may hold on any given wager. This is useful to you because it gives you an idea of how much the deck is stacked against you in a given market.

Enter the betting lines offered at your sportsbook to find the theoretical hold on the market. To learn more about how to use this betting calculator, click the Teach Me link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the hold in sports betting?
Hold is the percentage that a sportsbook takes in a bet. Rates very based on the sportsbook business model and the liquidity of the market. The goal of a sports bettor should be to find books that take the least hold while also allowing you to place bets based on your bankroll size.
What is the synethic hold and why does it matter?
The synthetic hold is the hold that is being taken when a sports bettor looks at the best line on each side of a bet across all books they have an account at. By finding opportunties where the synthetic hold is low a sports bettor minimizes the edge they need to be profitable.