VIDEO: Beginning A Baseball Lineup Model

VIDEO: Beginning A Baseball Lineup Model

Unabated Staff
June 3, 2022

With this video, we introduce T. He will provide some video building blocks for those who would like to find more quantitative ways to bet on sports. T’s videos use tools you are already familiar with, like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, to do powerful things in analyzing sports bets. In this first video, we’re projecting hits and then applying a Poisson Distribution. We’ll compare our result to the sportsbook line to gauge our edge. The basic model here is not intended to be a winning model. Instead, it is the foundation for future videos that will expand on this.


Key Concepts

  • Acquiring Data
  • Parsing Data
  • Applying a Poisson Distribution


You can find T in our Unabated Discord Community as @The_T. He’s more than willing to help answer any questions you have about this video. Join the Unabated Sports Betting Discord Community now if you haven’t already. It is full of like-minded individuals all aspiring to get sharper at sports betting.

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