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Hedge Betting Calculator

Current Bankroll ($)
Win Probability (%)
Stand to Win ($)
Hedge Odds
Enter the bankroll you're currently working with as well as what you think the probability of your bet winning is, and the amount you will win if it hits. Also enter odds that are available for the hedge that you're interested in.
You can mix and match various odds formats. For Decimal odds that are higher than 100 include the decimal point or it will be interpreted as American odds.

Should I Hedge My Bet?

The question of when should you hedge a bet, and how much should you hedge is really a question of "What is the best thing to do for my ultimate bankroll growth?"

Framed as such, we have developed this simple Hedge Betting Calculator to help you determine the answer that's best for you.

You enter your current bankroll. Since the original wager you are considering hedging against has already been made, your bankroll number would reflect the figure if the original wager were to lose. Then you enter the current win probability of that original wager.

Next enter the amount you stand to win on the original wager (stake included since it is not part of the bankroll figure). Finally, enter the currently available hedge odds available to you.

The output represents your optimal hedge information for bankroll growth.

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