College Betting Rules By State

College Betting Rules By State

Jack Andrews
College Sports
February 29, 2024

Gambling regulations vary from state to state. Nowhere is that more evident than the rules around betting on college sports. Whether it is College Football odds or College Basketball odds, here’s a handy rundown of college betting by state:



Fire on the Sun Devils until your heart’s content. Betting on game outcomes for all college teams is allowed, but wagering on college player props is prohibited.



No restrictions, including on college player props.


March MadnessColorado

Betting on game outcomes for all college teams is allowed, but wagering on college player props is prohibited.



No wagering is allowed on Connecticut-based teams, unless they’re taking part in a tournament. (Your UConn bets are safe.)



There is no wagering on matches involving Delaware schools. Fortunately, no matter where you are in Delaware, you’re always a short drive from Maryland if you need Blue Hens action.



No restrictions on college teams, but college player props aren’t allowed.



Originally, Illinois prohibited betting on all in-state college teams. In late 2021 that was amended to allow bets to be accepted on Illinois college teams, so long as the bets were placed in-person at retail shops. Apparently this is the Chicago Way we’ve heard so much about. The state does allow wagers on any college event that takes place in-state with no restrictions as long as one of the participants isn’t an Illinois school. If it is, off to the counter with you. Collegiate player props are verboten for Illinois squads.



Bet away on the Hoosiers, just not on in-play collegiate player props.



No wagering on college player props.


No restrictions, but a mint julep in hand at all times isn’t a bad suggestion to go with your college sports betting.


Rock, chalk, bet whatever you want on the Jayhawks and other college teams.


NCAA OfficesLouisiana

No restrictions.


Maine bettors can bet on college sports, just not on in-state schools. That includes Maine teams in tournaments. And don’t expect a side of college player props with your lobster roll, either. Maine is a no-college-props state.



No restrictions.



Collegiate betting is allowed in the Bay State, with the caveat that you can’t bet on in-state college teams in Massachusetts, unless they’re playing in a tournament. Bostonians not being allowed to relentlessly homer for Boston teams would have brought the state to its knees. College player props aren’t allowed and if you see them offered in a same-game parlay, someone’s going to end up with a hefty fine.


No restrictions.



Mississippi only allows betting at retail locations. Betting in-state schools is allowed, but individual collegiate player prop bets are not.



Montana is another odd duck. The state lottery runs the show when it comes to sports betting, and it only has one app: Sports Bet Montana. You’re allowed to prep your bets in app at home. To place the wager itself, though, you have to be on-site at a retail location (though any location in the state that sells lottery tickets counts). Once you’ve made the trek, though, you’re allowed to bet on Montana colleges.



There’s no betting on in-state college teams.



No restrictions in the cradle of sports betting civilization.


March Madness CourtNew Hampshire

No wagering is allowed on college matches involving a New Hampshire school, or taking place in New Hampshire. Other than on N.H. schools or events take place within state borders, college player props are allowed.


New Jersey

No wagering on college matches taking place in New Jersey or involving a New Jersey school. You’ll have to holster any and all Sopranos Rutgers memes. College player props are allowed outside of the other Garden State restrictions.


New Mexico

Sports betting in New Mexico is currently only offered at five tribal sites, and each site sets its own rules about betting New Mexico colleges. Wagering on New Mexico schools is prohibited at Santa Ana Star, but is permitted at Isleta Resort according to Legal Sports Report.


New York

No wagering on college matches involving a New York school. No wagering on college player props.


North Carolina

In-person betting has been legal, but Starting March 11, 2024, online wagering goes live with no restrictions on college sports.


North Dakota

Like New Mexico, sports betting in North Dakota is in the hands of a few tribal entities that currently only offer retail betting. There’s no central rule governing in-state college betting, but each book can set its own rules.



Betting on in-state colleges is allowed in Ohio, but the state recently banned betting player props on college athletes.



It’s not just Ducks fans that get denied. Oregon doesn’t allow wagering on college sports played anywhere. Tribal sportsbooks may, however, have differing rules from the regulations that cover Oregon’s online betting.



Betting is allowed on college sports, including Pennsylvania schools. There is no wagering on college player props.


Rhode Island

No wagering on college matches involving a Rhode Island school or any college match taking place in the state. Player props follow those same rules.


NCAA betting boardSouth Dakota

As long as you’re at a tribal site or at one of the Deadwood casinos, you can bet. But not on college sports involving South Dakota teams, or on any collegiate player props.



Betting on in-state schools is allowed, but there is no wagering on college player props or in-play college team props.


Vermont follows the general New England plan, which is no betting on in-state teams, unless they’re playing in a tournament.



No wagering on college matches involving a Virginia school. There’ve been a couple of attempts to reverse course on that, but the most recent try was nixed. No wagering on college player props.



No wagering is allowed on college matches involving or sponsored by a Washington school. Player props follow the same restrictions.


Washington, D.C.

No wagering on college matches taking place in Washington, D.C. or involving a Washington, D.C. school. You’ll have to take the Metro to Maryland if you want to get down on George Washington or Howard.


West Virginia

No wagering on college player props.



Sports betting can take place in person at six different tribal casinos around the state. Online wagering is only allowed on tribal lands or other properties associated with a tribe. They don’t allow bets on in-state teams.



No restrictions.


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