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Learn About The Partial Game Derivative Calculator

Jack Andrews
November 24, 2021
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This is the anticipated Partial Game Derivatives Calculator at Unabated. What this sophisticated tool allows you to do is derive the proper pricing for first half lines in the NFL and CFB. This tool requires more input from the user than some of our other tools. Let’s walk through what you’ll need to know to make it work for you.

Home/Away : Specify whether the line you seek is for a home team or away.
Spread : This is the full game line on the team you seek.
Price/Opponent Price : The vig on the full game spread line. If you want a vig-free answer, then enter the vig-free price for both the team you seek and the opponent. If you want vig to be factored in, enter the two prices as they exist on the sportsbook line.
Full Game Total : If you’re seeking spread information, you’ll need to enter the current listed Total for the full game. Likewise, for a first half total, you’ll need to enter either side of the Full Game Spread.
Actual 1H Spread : The final input is spread price you’re seeking.

For totals, you’ll need to have the full game Over and Under lines and prices available to input.


Cowboys are a -7.5 point favorite at Home vs. Raiders. The total on the game is 50.5. You find a First Half line of Cowboys -3.5 -125. How would you evaluate it?
Unabated first half calculator

The result shows that -3.5 -125 has some value when evaluated against a line that includes vig factored in. We also provide a projected 1H moneyline price based on the inputs.Unabated 1H Tool

You can currently use the tool for NFL or CFB and further expansions of the calculator for other sports is coming soon. Go ahead and give it a try!