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Use an established NFL Spread line to find the equivalent price for the alternate line of your choosing.Teach Me
You can mix and match various odds formats. For Decimal odds that are higher than 100 include the decimal point or it will be interpreted as American odds.

Learn about the Alt Lines calculator

This is the Unabated Derivatives Calculator focusing on Alternate Spreads & Totals. This betting calculator allows you to do is enter a market line and produce the corresponding price for an alternate spread or alternate total. This calculator can accept input in American Odds, Decimal Odds or Fractional. It works with both sides and totals in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, as well as College Football and College Basketball.

To learn more about how to use this betting calculator, click the Teach Me link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use this?
We have an explainer video in the Teach Me link above. It should explain everything.
Is vigorish (house edge) factored into this?
Vig is not factored unless you want it to be. You can enter both sides of the vig for a side or both sides of the total price to get a more accurate answer. You can also remove the vig from these lines via the Remove Vig button.
Can I use the Alternate Lines Calculator for leagues not listed?
No, the Alternate Lines Calculator is specifically designed for just the leagues listed.
Does the total matter when seeking the alternate line price?
Yes, it does. The impact varies by league. You can enter the total when using a spread via the Show More Info link. It is assumed the total will be the same for both the Primary Line as well as the Alternate Line.
Can I suggest Unabated add support for a league not listed?
We’re always open to suggestions on how we can make our product better. Reach out via or drop a note in our Discord. There is extensive data science that goes into creating these numbers for each league. Not all leagues are practical for this level of research.
How are these numbers derived?
The value of each half-point in a spread or total depends greatly on the origination point and the distribution based on that point of origin. We take historical data to create a correlation and then price it over each half-point the alternate line moves through.
Are these numbers correct?
To the best of our knowledge, these numbers are correct. However, we do review and adjust these numbers after each season of each league. This is because gameplay evolves and adjusts in these leagues which impacts the known distributions.

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