Introducing Unabated's First 5 Betting Tools

Introducing Unabated’s First 5 Betting Tools

Jason Scavone
June 14, 2023

Scoreboard showing First 5 innings for betting tools


Partial-game derivative baseball bettors, your life just got a whole lot better.  Today, Unabated is debuting its First 5 Innings betting tools to help you see the best numbers on these derivatives by comparing against an Unabated Line specific to the first 5, and price out alternate lines.

Bullpens? Let those other guys worry about bullpens.*

* Not you, Tampa Bay bettors. 


First 5 odds screen


Our First 5 Odds Screen works like the full game Odds Screen, allowing you to toggle between moneylines, totals, spreads, or a combined view. 

Each game has its own line history you can access by clicking on individual lines. 

By selecting the calculator icon in the upper right, you can price out alternate lines on First 5 plays, just like you could in full-game bets. 


First 5 alternate lines


Here, we used Circa’s Pittsburgh/Chicago First 5 total of 5. Choosing the Over and looking for an alt at 4.5 gives us our target price of -118. Note that currently, the first 5 alts automatically de-vig the line you’ve selected. If we can find Over 4.5 (-118) or better, or Under 4.5 (+118) or better, we’d have a plus-EV bet. 

Unlike other current Unabated partial game derivative tools, our MLB First 5 tools aren’t based around full-game lines. We base our calculations around partial game lines themselves. This is why we’re able to effectively generate an Unabated Line and price alts. 

This new feature will be a boon for baseball bettors looking for new tools to attack the game with during the dog days of summer. Surface area. It’s a beautiful thing

As always, we’re always waiting for your questions and feedback on Discord. Come on by and let us know. In the meantime, happy hunting.

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