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A more knowledgeable sports bettor is good for everyone.

As sports betting professionals it is our belief that teaching people how to bet intelligently will lead to a stronger and healthier betting industry.

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Pro level odds to keep you informed of all betting markets

Monitor betting markets in real-time with an odds screen built with an emphasis on identifying market makers. Know not only where the line is, but where the line is headed.


"The Unabated odds screen is a key resource for me when I trade Deck Prism live odds. It provides a zero-lag, sleek view of our prices as they change throughout the game."

Justin Zovas
VP Trading, Huddle Tech
Betting Calculators

Find the better price between betting lines


"Unabated has been my go-to resource for generating new ideas for edges. Discussions on their Premium Discord channels, the alt line tools, and watching line moves on their odds screen have continuously helped me find new +EV opportunities. Unabated has been instrumental in helping me generate sustainable bankroll growth."

Premium Member, Since 03/22
NFL Season Simulator
Best in class season simulator
Utilize our best-in-class simulator to find value in a variety of betting markets. Use your own power ratings or tweak ratings we’ve procured for you. Visualize your results compared with updated lines from an array of US sportsbooks.
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Access to pros like Rufus Peabody and Jack Andrews, as well as other fellow bettors interested in growing their betting knowledge

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Thanks to all the content at Unabated, I have moved from betting promos and arbs to building a bankroll that’s up over $100,000 this year.
Unabated has been indispensable on my journey to becoming a profitable sports bettor. The profits I’ve made using the various tools have been life-changing. I went from pouring money down the drain, to being a sharp that books fear.
Scott A
I am definitely among those who have had some really impactful money come in from using Unabated. I’m only a year out of college so the $4,000 I’ve made this calendar year has been life-changing. It’s educated me in ways I never thought possible and surrounded me with people 100x smarter than me.
Dave C
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