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MLB Player Props

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are MLB Player Props?

MLB player props are bets on specific statistical outcomes for individual players in a given game, rather than MLB odds for a game's outcome. These can include over/under bets on hits, runs, home runs, strikeouts, and other stats.

To help bettors, Unabated's MLB Player Prop screen allows you to compare odds across many different sportsbooks.

What are some strategies for making successful MLB Player Prop bets?
  1. Research and Analyze Player Performance:
    One key to successful MLB player props betting is understanding the players' past and current performances. Analyze their stats, recent games, and how they perform under different conditions, such as home or away games, day or night games, or against specific opponents. This will help you identify strong player prop opportunities. Additionally, pay attention to injuries, roster changes, and any other factors that may impact their performance.
  2. Track Prop Market Line Movements and Find Value:
    Keep an eye on the betting market and lines for player props. Line movements can insights into public sentiment and sharp bettors' opinions. Look for differences between your analysis and the lines offered by sportsbooks. Place bets when you find value in the betting markets.

  3. Focus on a Single Prop Market:
    MLB player props betting can be overwhelming, but you don't have to bet on everything. Focus on certain markets where you can develop an expertise. This might include specific player types such as power hitters, strikeout pitchers, or certain game situations. You can gain an edge and standout in less popular markets because the betting lines might not be as sharp.
How do I research and analyze player props for MLB?

To research and analyze player props for MLB, you may start by reviewing a baseball player's past stats recently and against their upcoming opponent, injury reports, and pitching matchups. You can also use advanced analytics and betting tools to help identify trends and make informed decisions. Once you have an idea of the stats you expect a player to get, you can use our MLB props odds to find the best value among the listed sportsbooks.

What types of player props are available for baseball games?

Common types of MLB player props include over/under bets on hits, runs, home runs, strikeouts, and other stats. Use the drop downs at the top of our MLB player props odds screen to toggle between the different odds we show at Unabated.