What Can You Do When You Have A Sportsbook Dispute?

What Can You Do When You Have A Sportsbook Dispute?

Jason Scavone
June 6, 2024


It finally happened. After months, years, or thousands of bets, you have beef with a sportsbook. To quote the philosopher-poet John McClane: Welcome to the party, pal. Maybe they didn’t grade a bet correctly. Maybe they’re dragging their heels on cashing out your account. Whatever the issue is, how do you resolve a sportsbook dispute?

Anyone who’s been in our Discord has seen the questions over and over. A sportsbook dispute could arise from technical issues, trader errors, or any other of a thousand other things. It’s a fairly common occurrence. 

Which is why your first step is to not panic. You’re not in a unique situation. Most of us have been here. If you haven’t, there’s a reasonable chance you will be at some point. 

Once you accept that, there’s a series of escalating steps you can take to try to settle any sportsbook dispute. 

Here’s what to do, and what to expect.


1.) Check the House Rules and Terms & Conditions 

Sports betting in the United States is regulated at the state level, which means individual regulations for all 38 –  and counting  – jurisdictions. (This also holds if you’re betting in Canada, where provincial authorities make the rules.)

Every state is going to have its quirks. In Massachusetts, for example, you can’t bet on any collegiate sport involving schools located in state borders, unless there’s a national tournament being held in-state. In Michigan you can bet on any and all college sports, including player props. 

Even within a state, different shops can have different house rules. Here are the rules for Circa Sports and DraftKings in Illinois regarding suspension of play in baseball.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Don’t take anything for granted. Read your house rules and any sport-specific rules that are relevant to your bet. 

Some sports tend to be more cut-and-dried, but if you bet on soccer or golf, for instance, be aware of how your book handles Asian handicap or dead heat rules.

Either copy down or take screenshots of any house rules you expect to apply in your case. You may need to present the information to a sportsbook manager or customer support when you’re making your argument.


2.) Contact Customer Support

Once you’ve double-checked that your situation is at odds with the posted rules, reach out to your book’s customer support. 

Sometimes this is enough to settle the issue. But you probably didn’t land on this page trying to learn how to handle a sportsbook dispute if that were the case. 

When you’re dealing with first-level customer support, be patient. Be friendly. This is as much for your benefit as it is for basic human decency. Even faceless corporations have actual people with actual faces trying to help. 

You can usually ask to escalate your situation to someone in support with more authority, but you have to give frontline staff a reasonable chance to solve the issue.

After all that, if you still didn’t get satisfaction, one of two things can happen. 

The book can deny your claim, or they can effectively go radio silent. They may not respond to any emails or calls. Or they may claim they’re investigating the issue. 

Sometimes those “investigations” seem like they’re dragging on longer than Scotland Yard’s open case on Jack the Ripper. 

Certain states have hard deadlines on how long operators get to conclude their investigation – often 10 or 14 days. If your state doesn’t establish a bright line in its regulations, be patient for an appropriate amount of time depending on the nature and complexity of your dispute. 

Sometimes, though, “investigations” drag on. Every attempt to contact support gets you the same runaround. 

Document everything. Take screenshots. Save emails. Establish a timeline like you’re a one-season detective on Law & Order. Both for your own protection, and because the next step is escalating the situation to a formal complaint with regulatory authorities. 

Most state agencies require you to first attempt to resolve your dispute with the operator. Keep receipts so you can prove you’ve taken all appropriate steps. 


3.) Contact the Relevant Gaming Authority

A caveat up front: your mileage will vary depending on your jurisdiction. Some agencies are friendlier to bettors than others. Some, on the other hand, think their job is to rubber-stamp whatever decision the books make. 

If you’re in one of those jurisdictions, you have our sympathy. 

There are also several states where tribal authorities have jurisdiction over gaming. Some may have different procedures and governing bodies depending on where you make your bet. In Oregon, for example, disputes on bets made on the apps go to the state lottery commission, while retail complaints are handled at the tribal level.

In the list that follows, we’ve endeavored to note jurisdictional nuance where it’s pertinent. We’ve also tried to include contact information for tribal authorities, though online resources for tribal gaming tend to be less robust than state-level counterparts.

If you’re betting in an unregulated market, like offshore shops, sweepstakes betting or certain daily fantasy sports products, you have fewer options. Likely you’ll have to take whatever arbitration is available in the terms and conditions you agreed to when you opened your accounts. Courts usually throw out lawsuits from gamblers against unregulated entities. 

The following information is current as of June 2024. We’ll periodically update this list as the landscape changes.



Though Arizona has a complex system of partnerships and dozens of tribal gaming offices, each with their own policies, sports bettors get off relatively light. 

Sports bet disputes (“event wagering” in state parlance) are handled through the Arizona Department of Gaming, which provides a contact form to use once you’ve already exhausted your options with the book.



Disputes with any of the books operated by the state’s three casinos or their online counterparts – Oaklawn Racing Casino, Saracen Casino or Southland Casino – are adjudicated by the Arkansas State Racing Commission



The Colorado Department of Revenue posted a dispute form, along with clear steps to follow



The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection handles complaints, and provides both an online form (make sure to choose “gaming” under the “type of complaint” dropdown) and a downloadable .pdf.  



BetRivers is currently the only game in town for online betting, and that shop runs the three retail operations in the state. Delaware Gaming Enforcement doesn’t offer a dedicated form for resolving disputes. Contact the DGE office to initiate a complaint.



The situation in Florida is a Byzantine mess of approvals, lawsuits, reversed approvals, more lawsuits, re-approvals and more lawsuits. 

The Seminole Tribe currently has a monopoly on sports betting in the state, and operates Hard Rock Bet. The Seminole Indian Gaming Compact between Florida and the Seminoles gives the tribe one year to settle patron disputes. The complaint form is available online

The governing statute is Part VI of the compact. The Florida Gaming Control Commission has oversight of the compact, though their role in dispute resolution is unclear. If you can’t resolve your issue through the Seminole dispute process, we would suggest approaching the commission. Contact information is available here.



Contact the Illinois Gaming Board using their online complaint form.



The Indiana Gaming Commission gives operators 10 days to respond to a patron’s written complaint. If that doesn’t settle the matter, there’s a complaint form to submit to the commission’s Sports Wagering Division.



The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission governs betting in the Hawkeye State. It provides a blanket contact form



The Kansas Lottery is the governing body for sports betting. They provide contact information, but don’t offer a dedicated dispute resolution channel.



To the surprise of no one, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission runs the show. Their process is clean and clear – operators have 10 days to respond, and if that still doesn’t get the job done, you can file a complaint on the HRC’s website.



After exhausting your options with an operator, you can plead your case to the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. They don’t provide a dedicated form, but you can find contact information here.



Operators have 48 hours to respond to complaints, and 10 days to investigate and provide a report. A copy of that report goes to the director of the Gambling Control Unit. The response will alert the bettor of their right to appeal to the director. 

The bettor can then submit a written complaint to the director, who will assign an inspector to investigate the dispute. The director then will notify the operator and bettor of their decision within 10 days.



Disputes run through Maryland Gaming and Lottery. Use their online form to submit a complaint.



The Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s Sports Wagering Division has a .pdf complaint form. Fill that out and email it to mgcsportswagering@massgaming.gov.



All operators must answer patron complaints within 10 days. The Michigan Gaming Control board lays out the process and includes a relevant contact form.



There’s no online gaming in Mississippi unless you’re on-site at a casino, and no electronic way to lodge your dispute. The state gaming commission’s enforcement division lists their complaint process and a .pdf form

Note you’ll have to mail or fax it back to the regional office that supports the retail location where you made your bet. Faxing. In the year of our Lord 2024. 



Sports Bet Montana is the only game in town. You must be physically located at a location licensed for sports betting, though there are several around the state. It’s governed by the Montana Lottery.



There are only two retail locations in Nebraska where you can bet sports: Grand Island Casino and WarHorse Casino. If you have a dispute there, the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission gives you five days to submit a complaint. 

Operators have 14 days to settle the matter. Bettors can then appeal to Racing and Gaming.


New Hampshire

Operators get 30 days to investigate and respond to a grievance. Patrons can then take it to the New Hampshire Lottery Commission’s Investigation & Compliance Division.  


New Jersey

Contact the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement with complaints. They do provide a form that can be saved and emailed in with your issue. “They called pork roll ‘Taylor ham’” is not a valid complaint for the NJDGE.


New York

In the Empire State, operators are required to respond to complaints within 48 hours. They must then provide a complete response within 10 business days. After that, bettors can file a complaint with the New York State Gaming Commission via the Gaming Inspector General.


New Mexico

You can only bet sports in New Mexico at one of six tribal casinos. Any complaints have to start with the relevant tribal gaming offices.

These are the tribes that hold sway at each casino:


North Carolina

The North Carolina Lottery Commission takes point here, with a detailed checklist on how to proceed with a dispute



In typical Nevada fashion, they make it harder to conduct sports betting business online. The Nevada Gaming Control Board recommends you call in your disputes at (702) 783-7550 for immediate help, but they do provide a form you can submit. Though if you take that route, don’t expect a response for three to five days. 



Jurisdiction falls to the Ohio Casino Control Commission. Send in your complaints using the Patron Inquiry Form



DraftKings is the sole book for statewide mobile betting, and if your dispute involves the crown, you have to resolve it through the Oregon Lottery’s contact form about halfway down the contact page on their website (choose “DraftKings App or Website” under “Topic”). 

You can also bet sports at one of four retail locations inside casinos. Each casino is governed by its own tribal rules. 



The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board gives bettors 30 days from the time of the incident to file a dispute. Make sure you choose the right dispute form. There’s one for disputes that originated at retail locations, and a different one for disputes that arise on the apps


Rhode Island

The joys of the one-party system. The official dispute process is that bettors first have to contact the Sportsbook Rhode Island Customer support line at (800) 248-2511. An agent will take your information and attempt to settle the dispute. If that doesn’t work, you can contact the Rhode Island Lottery to settle the dispute but note, “Decisions of the Rhode Island Lottery are final.” Ominous.

At the two retail Bally’s locations in the state, you first have to initiate disputes with the casino. Contact information is available in their house rules.


South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Revenue stipulates that in any dispute, an operator has to immediately notify authorities if a resolution can’t be reached or the dispute involves at least $250. 

That automatically triggers an investigation. The investigator must issue a written decision within 30 days.



The Tennessee Sports Wagering Council has a step-by-step process and dispute resolution form in place.



Disputes have to be filed with the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery (clearly the most fun outfit at the annual state agency holiday banquet) using their online form.



The Virginia Lottery is for lovers of keeping things simple. Email in your complaint to gaminginfractions@valottery.com and an investigator will contact you. 



Everyone’s favorite it’s-a-felony-to-make-an-online-bet state, Washington, only allows retail betting at tribal casinos. (You can, technically, bet on the apps if you’re on the relevant tribal lands. Some casinos have retail betting, but not online. Some offer both. )

All of the casinos have sports betting partners. Tribal gaming offices hold sway, and there are several. Here’s the list of which tribes operate which casinos from the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs


Washington, D.C.

Complaining is a longstanding tradition in our nation’s capital. In the case of sports betting disputes, contact the D.C. Office of Lottery and Gaming.


West Virginia

Take the country roads to the West Virginia Lottery complaint form



You can only bet – retail or online – on tribal lands. Which includes “Oneida One-Stop” gas station locations. 

There are three tribes that currently allow gaming at multiple locations:

If you’re unsure which tribal office to contact or you need additional assistance, the State of Wisconsin has designated contact.



Operators get 14 days to provide a written response after patrons file a complaint. Failing that, bettors can take it to the Wyoming Gaming Commission.


4.) What to Do if the Dispute Process Doesn’t Solve It

Not all disputes are going to be resolved in your favor. Like we mentioned above, some state regulatory bodies are less player-friendly than others. 

If you get through the dispute process and you still think you’ve been wronged, your next step is to hire a gaming attorney. 

That’s going to vary greatly at the regional level, and is beyond the scope of this piece. But if you find yourself in that spot, reach out on the Discord. Chances are one of our members has had experience with sportsbook disputes in your state, and may be able to help you out with advice or recommendations.

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