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Unabated features a team of professional bettors, data scientists, and engineers, However, what really makes it tick is the growing community of bettors who are learning from each other. We’ve created a Discord server which gives bettors access to not only pros Rufus Peabody and Captain Jack Andrews, but also to other fellow bettors.

Getting Started with Unabated's Community Sports Betting Discord

Got a question for Rufus or Jack? You can talk with them on the Unabated Discord. Want to find someone with similar interests to discuss a game or an angle? They’re probably hanging out on the Unabated Discord.

Growing our community is going to be a priority for Unabated. We plan to have the ability for users to earn badges and rewards for their contributions. Additionally, Discord gives us the ability to host livestreams exclusively for members. We believe the Unabated Discord is going to be a great place to learn how to win at sports betting  and network with like-minded people.

To access our discord sign up (or login) today and look for our Join the Conversation on the dashboard.

Sports Betting Discord Topics

Our sports betting Discord community is always evolving. Some of the most popular conversation topics include:

  • General Sports Betting Discussion: Share your questions and ideas with like-minded sports betting enthusiasts, including Captain Jack and Rufus. Have a question about sports betting angles, individual sportsbooks, state legislation, or just want to share something you found interesting? This is the Discord channel to do that.
  • Game Odds Discussion: Talk about all things related to game odds, including the Unabated odds screens for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, and NCAAB. See how other sports bettors are using the odds screens and be the first to learn when new sportsbooks will be added and other new features are released.
  • Simulator Discussion: Your best source for discussion around Unabated’s NFL Season Simulator.  Ask the Unabated team any questions you have about the NFL Season Simulator, get feedback on any new ideas or theories you may have, and stay informed on all updates to the tool.
  • Prop Betting Discussion: This is the Discord channel to talk about all things related to prop bets. Find out if our sports betting community has found any unique prop betting angles and be informed on different prop bets that each sportsbook is offering.
  • Sportsbook Promo Discussions: Sportsbook promotions offer opportunities for savvy sports bettors to collect easy money. Whether it’s a risk free bet strategy  or a strategy for whatever the latest trendy sportsbook promo being offered is, share what you find and get feedback on how make sportsbook promotions profitable for you.