Benefits Of Unabated Premium Membership

Benefits Of Unabated Premium Membership

Jack Andrews
March 21, 2022

Unabated Premium

We are excited to begin a new chapter at Unabated. One that will enable us to grow and expand as a business. Unabated will continue to offer many basic tools and resources for free to those who sign up for our basic membership. However, many of the elite tools and resources will now be available only to those with a paid subscription. Our Unabated Premium Membership includes these benefits:


Real-time Market Makers On The Game Odds Screen

The Unabated Game Odds Screen has become a popular and effective tool for bettors of all skill levels. We offer real-time odds from key market makers like Bookmaker. Additionally, we’re the only odds service to feature a feed direct from Huddle.

Our odds screen also features integrated betting tools to make pricing alternate lines and comparing lines as easy as a couple clicks. Users on the Basic Tier will still have access to non-market making books like DraftKings and FanDuel. However, users with the Premium Tier get the exclusive Huddle feed, as well as Bookmaker, 3et, our Sharp Book Price, Vegas’s Circa Sports, and our proprietary Unabated Line.

The integrated betting tools will also only be available to Premium members.


Unabated Betting Calculators

Unabated Premium Betting CalculatorThe first product we rolled out has been one of our most popular. The Betting Calculators. Which line is better in the NFL?

-3 +100 or -3.5 +120

Our betting calculators have been helping bettors identify the best line and find proper pricing since they were launched last summer.

If a market line is -6 -110 in the NBA, then what should the price of -7.5 be? 

partial game derivativesKnowing the exact value of each half point is one the best ways sharps get the edge at sports betting. Our Alternate Line Derivatives Calculator helps anyone discover the proper pricing without having to build your own tools or rely on outdated information on the internet. We even put out a first-of-it’s-kind Partial Game Derivatives Betting Calculator. You can enter the game line and get pricing for a period or quarter. For instance, for an NHL game you can get pricing on the 1st period. For many of our users this has opened up new worlds of +EV opportunities.

Going forward, the Compare Lines, Alternate Lines, & Partial Game Derivatives Betting Calculators will be only available to Premium Tier members. Basic Tier members can still utilize the Hold Calculator and the Closing Line Value Calculator with their membership.


In-Game Trading Tools

Unabated Premium In-game pricingA recent and exciting addition at Unabated has been our In-game Trading Tool. This tool allows you to use the expert in-game price from one of our real-time sources, DeckPrism or Bookmaker, and find alternate line value. Many users have found a ton of value in using this tool so far in their testing. We’re happy to make the in-game trading tools a product staple for Unabated moving forward. We have CBB and NBA tools now and you can expect similar tools for MLB, CFB, and NFL coming later this year.


The In-game Trading Tool will only be available for Premium Members. Additionally, users can expect the product to continue to evolve in functionality and usability. Our goal is to eliminate the need for the user to enter the current score and time remaining. The plan is for our in-game odds screen to also display in-game scores and time that can be integrated into the tool seamlessly. Stay tuned as this product continues to evolve. You won’t want to miss out on being one of the select few that has this weapon in their arsenal.


The Unabated Line

The Unabated LineOne of the hardest parts of being a top-down or steam-chasing bettor is keeping up with how to identify True North on your compass. You need to know which sportsbook operators are the best market makers for each individual sport. To help users answer that question we developed the Unabated Line. It is a vig-free expertly blended line using different weightings for each sport we carry. It gives bettors a sharp line from which to base their Alternate Line Derivative queries.

The Unabated Line will only be available to Premium members.


NFL Season Simulator

Another groundbreaking tool that we released in 2021 was the revolutionary NFL Season Simulator which allowed users to bring their own power ratings, or power ratings from around the internet, and simulate the rest of the NFL season from that point forward. Not only was this tool beneficial in identifying preseason value on futures bets and regular season wins, but also during the regular season as well. Many users were able to make huge profits by running updated sims each week and picking off value all over the market.

In 2022, the NFL Season Simulator will have more options, including the ability to have a blended set of ratings from multiple sources. If you want unlimited access to the NFL Season Simulator, you’ll need Premium Membership.


Player Props Simulator

Unabated Props SimulatorKnowing how much a half yard is worth to an NFL Running Back prop or how much a half rebound is worth to an NBA Center is a problem that can only be solved by simulating out the projection. For many without coding skills or a data science background, that can be a daunting task. Unabated created a player props simulator for this express purpose. It enabled many people to find big value in player props during the NFL season. For 2022, we’re expanding it to include NBA player props as well.

Unabated Premium Members will also be getting a new user-interface which includes importable projections as well as odds feeds to line shop player props. If you like to dabble in player props, you won’t want to miss this key tool.


Private Discord Channels And Exclusive Access To Experts

Our Discord community has become a great place to share ideas and get assistance with our products. It will continue to be a great place to learn more intelligent betting techniques no matter your membership level. However, those who purchase Unabated Premium Membership will get a little extra. They will receive access to private channels where they can discuss more sensitive topics with a smaller audience. Our experts at Unabated, including Rufus Peabody, Peter Jennings, and Captain Jack are always lurking around ready to discuss sports betting and advantage play.

Additionally, there will be private live streams exclusively for Premium Members. Hang out with Jack and his guests, get your questions answered directly, maybe even do some live betting together. There’s no better way to learn someone’s process than to spend more time interacting with them.


Unabated Pricing

Unabated has different membership tiers. Our Props, Pick’em and Pools tier offer everything the prop player would want to find edges on player props, DFS pick’em sites like Underdog and PrizePicks, as well as tools for playing in season-long NFL contests. For the sports bettor who attacks the entire board, our Premium membership costs $199 per month, or $1,584 if you purchase an annual membership. If you decide that Unabated Premium Membership is not for you at this time, that’s fine. We hope you’ll continue to stick around and keep an eye on what we’re doing at Unabated. Perhaps you’ll see the value in a Premium Membership sometime down the line.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to take that first step down your direct path to intelligent betting, click the action button below to sign up for Unabated Premium Membership. We’re glad you’re here!


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