Learn About The Game Odds Screen

Learn About The Game Odds Screen

Jack Andrews
November 30, 2023

The Unabated Game Odds Screen

Welcome to the Unabated game odds screen. Line shopping is one of the most critical tools a bettor has in their arsenal and the Unabated odds screen makes it easier than ever to find edges in the market across NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, Major League Baseball, NHL, and even the WNBA.  So let’s get right in to how you can use this tool in order to find more edges.

Let’s start off with the basics. Here as you can see we have the NFL board for the week up on screen. The odds screen features odds from tons of different sportsbooks and betting exchanges updating either in, or close to, real time. The small dot in the upper left hand corner next to a sportsbook’s name indicates the latency of that sportsbook’s odds.

Finding Value

To make it even easier to compare numbers this screen automatically displays the best line currently available for both sides of any given market, as well as the current synthetic hold percentage.

If a market has a negative synthetic hold indicating an advantage for you, the bettor, the hold will be highlighted in green. If a line moves it will appear highlighted in yellow to indicate the change. That highlight will slowly fade to indicate how recently the change has occurred. You can enable or disable any feed for any book in the settings menu in the top right corner.

Integrated Trading Tools

The odds screen also lets you choose between full-game, halftime and quarter markets, as well as in-game lines. Premium subscribers also get access to the Unabated Line, a vig-free number that’s our own proprietary blend of odds. It serves as a consensus line based on the sharpest books’ prices.

Premium members will also see our projected edge on the bet.  by comparing the best line available to the Unabated Line. Positive expected value lights up in green.

The odd screen also allows you to compare prices directly using our Line Comparison Calculator. Select any two lines, hit “compare lines,” then the calculator will tell you which line offers more value.

But that’s not all the calculator can do. Selecting the Alternate Line Calculator will allow you to pick any price for any game, then select a desired alternate spread, and immediately determine what the appropriate price for that alternate line should be.

As you can see, the Unabated odd screen puts an incredible amount of information right at your fingertips. You can spend less time sorting through lines and more time spotting edges. Be sure to sign up for the Unabated Discord so you can talk directly to our team of experts and our wonderful community if you have any more questions.

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