Using Dating Apps - Finding Betting Partners

Using Dating Apps – Finding Betting Partners

Gina Fiore
Betting Partners
June 23, 2023

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Finding a good betting partner is a lot like finding a good match on a dating app.

I don’t actually know if that’s true but last night someone unmatched me on a dating app mid-conversation. I didn’t see it coming. It also just so happens I promised to deliver an article for Unabated. Using my disappointment as inspiration, I’m going to dissect the theory I just completely made up.

I didn’t see the un-match coming. He and I were having a back-and-forth conversation about local restaurants, and then he was gone. Betting partners can disappear as quickly. One minute you’re exchanging PayPal details for them to do a transfer of your share of the winnings and the next, they’re gone. The difference is, in a betting relationship you usually have that person’s real-life information, or mutual acquaintances. You have outs to track them down. In my case, knowing that TJ lives downtown and likes crypto isn’t enough to work with.

And I wouldn’t go looking for him anyway! But again, I have this article to write.

Having a general set of rules in place for who you’ll work with in sports betting, or gambling in general, will lower the chance of them disappearing on you like the Bitcoin-loving, downtown-living TJ did to me.


Rules Of Engagement

Bigger Is Not Always Better

I think it’s important that potential partners have good standing in the community whether that be the gambling community or your friend group. Be aware that a large social media following is not always enough to rely on as proof of a good reputation. If you’re involved with Gambling Twitter, you will have seen accusations of unpaid loans, cheating, and stealing lodged against well-known gamblers with followings of tens of thousands of people. I’m not going to add fuel to the fire by including links to accusatory posts but if you spend one week on Twitter following sports bettors and poker players I am certain that my point will be proven.

Personally, I won’t work with someone new If there are whispers of them acting unethically with a shared bankroll. Some people will take a risk partnering with a person who has a questionable past because the monetary expectation outweighs the chance that they are cheated. If you do decide to make that personal gamble, appoint yourself to handling the money and settle the bank regularly. Don’t let the money owed from either side grow to a large number. 

Finding someone who values their reputation is a good rule. An accusation of stealing is hard to come back from if you’re a gambler. Long time professional sports bettors and especially advantage players don’t want their names tarnished. This makes it less likely they’ll be dishonest when it comes to money. Not impossible, just improbable.

As a side note: I know a lot of people on Twitter with meager followings who are not only stand-up guys, they’re sharp. A lot sharper than me. Don’t let a small social media following dissuade you from making a connection.


broke bettorMaking The First Move

If someone owes you money and there are rumblings that they also owe other people money, my general advice is to quickly propose settling the debt at a discounted price. Get to the person before the number of people they owe money to adds up. The longer a debt in the sports betting world goes unpaid, the less likely it will ever get paid.


Judge a (Sports)Book By Its Cover

Three things that will make me automatically swipe left on a dating app:
1) A guy works for a casino
2) Has a picture of himself in a casino
3) Has a picture of himself holding a fish

Similarly (not really), if your betting partner works for a sportsbook or casino, you should consider that there may be restrictions against them making wagers. Depending on their specific job, the valuable information you share with them could end up in the hands of their employer and work directly against you. 

If your potential betting partner shares photos, publicly or privately, of slot jackpots or winning sports tickets that you know weren’t positive EV when the bet was placed, proceed with caution. They might be less skilled than you thought. Or skilled with serious leaks. Or attention seeking. If it’s your money in their hands, you should have concerns.

If a prospective betting partner posts photos of themself holding a fish, you should join forces with them. Your significant other won’t find them attractive and there will be no chance of the relationship breaking down because of infidelity.


Sliding Into DM’s

I can count on half a hand the number of times I’ve gone out on a date that originated on an app. Positive (non-romantic) connections I’ve made with people in the virtual gambling community is ten times that number. 

I pay good money for the incognito setting on dating apps. I don’t use my real name or list my real job. Please don’t try to find me.

However, if you know of a sportsbook with inefficiencies, my DMs are open. Or even better, find me on the Unabated Discord, @RxGamble.


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