How To Create A Monte Carlo Simulator

How To Create A Monte Carlo Simulator

Unabated Staff
December 9, 2022

In this episode, T shows you how you can create your own Monte Carlo Simulator in Excel. This is useful if you want to attempt to analyze a prop that Unabated doesn’t offer in our Player Prop Odds Screen. The concepts in this video work with situations where you have a Normal statistical distribution.

However, be aware that many player props are not typical Normal Distributions as the positive tail of the distribution is greater than the negative tail, which may be bound by 0. Still, knowing how to create your own Monte Carlo simulations is a powerful tool in your arsenal as a bettor.

Key Concepts

  • Creating a Monte Carlo Simulator using Excel’s VBA scripting language.
  • Using spreadsheet cells and the NORM.INV formula if VBA is not an option (Google Sheets).

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