Introducing Edge Rusher

Introducing Edge Rusher

Jason Scavone
Edge Rusher
Line Shopping
August 28, 2023

Unabated Edge Rusher screen


Unless you’re Santa Claus or the NSA, you can’t see everything, everywhere, all at once. 

Which is a problem for most sports bettors. Edges that flash across the screen can be snapped up in seconds. If you’re studiously combing college football sides, you might never see that juicy spot on a WNBA moneyline or an MLB first 5 total.

Using the Unabated Edge Rusher means never missing another edge. 

Using the Unabated Edge Rusher

Edge Rusher consolidates every edge in our system and displays them on a sidebar on the Odds Screen.

Just click the green “rushing man” icon to pull up the Edge Rusher and keep one eye on the wider world while you’re working on a single sport’s Odds Screen.

We calculate edges by comparing current numbers against the Unabated Line. If you use the Best Line feature on the Odds Screen, you’re already familiar with how this works. The better the edge against our vig-free consensus of market-making books, the more likely it is you’ve found a plus-EV bet.

Recent edges will appear, like updated lines, highlighted in yellow. Edge Rusher even includes alts and derivatives like MLB First 5 lines. NFL and college football first halves and quarters will soon follow.

Click on the game and it will take you to that sport’s Odds Screen with that game highlighted in blue.


unabated edge rusher screen showing options and edges


Edge Rusher Standalone Mode

If you want to focus strictly on Edge Rusher, you can do that too. Choose “Edge Rusher” on any sport’s dropdown menu to go to the standalone page. 

Here you can set your options for what edges you want to see. 


unabated edge rusher options


Choose which leagues you want to see along with which sportsbooks. You have the option to include alt lines, the maximum time for edges and price boundaries. 

You can also use the “Exclude Line Changed First” toggle when sportsbooks move a number before the Unabated Line moves, which can sometimes create a “false positive” on a potential edge. 

unabated edge rusher edges breakdown


The top section of the Edge Rusher standalone page will give you an hour-by-hour report on when edges were the most plentiful. If you display one sport at a time, you can get a sense of what time that market typically moves every day. 


With multiple leagues and books enabled, Edge Rusher will also display which leagues feature the most edges, and which books are providing the most value against the Unabated Line. 

unabated edge rusher edges

As more cards pop onto the screen, the most recent ones will be color-coded in lighter blue, with older edges fading to dark blue.


Concierge Tier

Edge Rusher is the premier feature of Unabated’s Concierge Tier. Concierge is our white-glove service that includes several other features currently, with more on the way in the coming months. 

The primary goal of Concierge is to help you save time and increase the volume of plus-EV bets you can get down. Edge Rusher is an important tool in that quest, but not the only one.

Concierge allows you to display Alt Lines in the Best Line view on the Odds Screen. It also gives you access to Concierge-only Discord channels including our College Football Alpha Chat, where the college football team goes beyond the day’s news. 

Finally, Concierge Tier includes early access to our WNBA and college football projection sets. These projections can be used with our Prop Simulators, Prop Odds Screens and the DFS Pick’em Entry Builder. Premium members will continue to have access to these projections on a one-hour delay from Concierge release. 

Concierge Tier requires an active Premium membership, and is billed weekly. Sign up today to become a member.

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