Introducing Prop Rusher

Introducing Prop Rusher

Jason Scavone
November 22, 2023

Concierge Tier members already are able to get the fastest, most comprehensive collection of edges all in one spot with Edge Rusher. Now prop players can get in on the fun, too, with Prop Rusher.

Prop Rusher is a tool unlike any other for quickly identifying the biggest edges and best prop bets across all sportsbooks that Unabated supports.. 

Like Edge Rusher, Prop Rusher will comb the board for all available plays across all your sportsbooks to keep you up-to-date on the edges are available in props markets. You’ll get all your prop plays, across sports, all collected in one spot so you can attack the biggest edges at the most vulnerable sportsbooks.


How it Works

Because value on props is dependent on the quality of your projections, that’s where it all starts. 

Choose your projection set or blend of multiple projection sets. You can use projections from any of our partners like RunTheSims, THE BLITZ, 4for4 – or upload your own. Choose which blends you want to use in each individual sport to see props for multiple leagues all on the page. 

Once you’ve entered your projections you can narrow which stat categories you’d like to see, or choose which individual games to focus on. Members who are already familiar with our DFS Pick’em Entry Builder will recognize the navigation.

Prop Rusher will generate a list of players, plays, the current projection from your sources, and where the best available line is. 

On the right-hand column, you’ll see the edge based on the projections you’ve selected.

Again, prop edges rely entirely on your projections. There’s no top-down “source of truth” for player props, so the quality of your bets and edges will come entirely from your projections, whether from an outside source like Establish the Run or others, or by creating your own.

If you’re making your own, you need to be aware of some common mistakes people make when they bet props. And you can also use some of Rufus Peabody’s processes he uses when he’s making his own projections.

No matter which route you take to projections, if you want to get an up-close look at how to use Prop Rusher, you can sign up for a one-on-one demonstration and get up close and personal with this or any other tool at Unabated.

Find out more about our Concierge Tier, or become a Concierge member today to get started with Prop Rusher.

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