Introducing Unabated College Football

Introducing Unabated College Football

Jason Scavone
August 3, 2023

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If Joe Milton goes down in practice three days before the Vols are headed into The Swamp to play Florida, you don’t have a lot of time before the lines go into overdrive. That’s assuming you’re on top of all the breaking college football news. If you aren’t, you might be left holding a big, orange Tennessee-shaped bag. 

Unabated College Football is here to keep that from happening. 

We’re excited to announce we’ve acquired, a respected industry source of college football injury news, player status updates and more. It’s been an essential follow for bettors, DFS players and college football news junkies alike for the last four years.

That site forms the bedrock of Unabated College Football, but that’s just the start of what we’re including in this new product. 

Unabated College Football will bring Premium subscribers up-to-the-second news on skill-position players across all 133 FBS programs so you can bet in confidence, knowing you won’t get surprised by a backup quarterback suiting up to start, or a star wide receiver ruled out at gametime.

In addition to that, Unabated’s college football team will be creating player projections you can use to find huge edges in CFB prop bets or on daily fantasy sports sites using our DFS Entry Builder. It’s the same team that builds our WNBA projections that are moving markets within minutes of release.


The Origins of Unabated College Football

Dave MaGee started College Fantasy Update first as a Twitter account in 2019, expanding to a website shortly after. (He also expanded into college basketball news, though that will not continue as part of Unabated.)

As a dedicated college fantasy football player, he was frustrated with how opaque information was around college lineups.

“One of the major issues with college fantasy football was that you start a player, and then they don’t play. They’re injured. They don’t suit up. It was out of nowhere, and it was frustrating,” he said. “I started tracking that a little bit more. The more I tracked it, the more I started sharing that information. It started developing a following.”

The Unabated College Football team closely monitors programs and beat reporters. They’ll surface the most relevant information about skill position players.

“I’m recording dozens of games every weekend so I can go back and watch if there’s an injury that’s unclear,” MaGee said. “Or maybe it’s one of those games that doesn’t get a lot of coverage that I wanted to go back and see, or just hear what the announcer said that may not have gotten shared on Twitter or via articles.”


All the College Football News You Can Handle

Premium members will get the most current college football news in real-time through the sidebar on your Odds Screen, or grab it on the standalone news page. You’ll also get access to the team’s player projections, though later than Concierge members do. It’s similar to how WNBA projection releases currently work.

Concierge members will also gain access to the college football expert chat. The team will be there in Discord posting the latest rumors before they get pushed out to the news feed, as well as adding updates for key non-skill position players, weather information and more. 

You’ll be able to interact with members of the team in real time. Maybe even catch some of the debate on the news value of certain injuries or press-conference coach-speak.

“There are times when I’m seeing things that aren’t verified news yet, but there seems to be some buzz. In the past, I would have waited to tweet them out until I saw more confirmed news. Now I can go in and share that there’s a player that you need to keep an eye out for.”

Unabated College Football is a new frontier for Unabated. We think it’s one that will be invaluable for any serious college football bettor. Because you need to know what quarterback you’re taking with you into The Swamp. Follow Unabated College Football on Twitter

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