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Learn about the Compare Lines Calculator

Jack Andrews
July 27, 2021

This is the Compare Lines Calculator at Unabated and what this allows you to do is find the better price between two lines that might be otherwise tough to compare. You can use this calculator for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. It works for both spreads and totals and you can input either American, Decimal, or even Fractional odds. Let’s walk through a quick example that you might find while perusing your sportsbook accounts.


Let’s say you want to bet your NFL team. One sportsbook is dealing your team at -3 -115 while another is -3.5 +100. Which line is better? Well, you’d enter each line into this calculator, and it would tell you -3 -115 is the better value. However, at Unabated, we want our clients to be able to dig deeper if they want, so we offer the option for you to get an explanation as to why. To do so, we cross compare the two lines as shown here. -3 -115 is equivalent to betting -3.5 +105, while -3.5 +100 is equivalent to betting -3 -120. So the first line is clearly better. 


Sometimes it is not just two spreads that you’d want to compare, but comparing a spread line with the moneyline on the game. Let’s use an example from the NBA. A team is +2 -110 on the spread, but is +100 on the moneyline. Which line is better? We can enter the spread, +2, on the first line, and then on the second line enter a spread of 0 and then put the moneyline value in the price field. Comparing these two lines, it indicates that +2 -110 is a better value than the moneyline price of +100. We see in the explanation that +2 -110 is equivalent to betting at a moneyline of +105.


Now, the exact value of each point is dependent on other factors in the game, such as the total. In the simple version of the calculator we make assumptions given the information you provide. Without being given a total, we assume the league average. However, we also give you the ability to input those advanced settings to produce an even more exact answer. Click on the Show More Info link and you’ll see expanded inputs to use.


For example in the NBA comparison we just made, suppose those lines of +2 -110 and a moneyline of +100 was taking place in a game where the total is very low, let’s say 190 points. The calculator will tell you that the equivalent moneyline price of that spread is +107, opposed to the earlier example which denoted +105. However, if we were to take the projected total on this game to a different extreme, say 250 points, we see that now the equivalent moneyline price on that spread is +104. The more scarce point scoring is, the higher the value of points on the spread, and conversely, the more abundant the scoring, the lower the value. That’s why we provide this advanced option, because sometimes the exact answer can be nuanced.


Well, that should be enough to get you started, go ahead and give it a try. 

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