Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here?

Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here?

Gina Fiore
Meet the Team
January 26, 2023

I’ve made a few posts and videos with Unabated over the last couple of months and I’ve seen the question “Who is she?” come up a handful of times.

What is an rxgamble, anyway?

Who Is rxgamble? An Advantage Player

rxgamble” is the name someone chooses for their virtual self when they have no marketing plan. My government name is Gina Fiore, my social media handles are rxgamble and the name I use in blackjack circles is Miss Brown. I’m a living, breathing brand recognition nightmare.

who is rxgamble? Gina FioreI learned how to count cards when I was 22, then quit my job as a casino dealer two years later. I traveled the world beating casino games with techniques more advanced than card counting over the next two decades, both solo and with my team, cleverly named Team Brown. 

After my son was born in 2015, I had to re-imagine how I could make my living as a gambler. As a new mom I couldn’t jump on last-minute cross-country flights for casino opportunities or stay out till 4 a.m. because I was on a good game. 

I hadn’t had a real job in 15 years. I didn’t want one and nobody was going to hire me anyway. Looking at ZipRecruiter just to see what was out there was deflating yet motivating. I had no choice but to learn new ways to win at gambling.  

Adapting on the Fly

Enter the world of sports betting. I’ve always had friends in the space, but I had been too busy with other advantage plays to get involved. While I was questioning my choice to drop out of college and enter an unconventional profession, other successful gamblers I knew were beating soccer. I was able to provide them with sports betting accounts, use their information and take part of the action.

It’s possible I was drawn to such an isolating career because I’m comfortable being alone, not sleeping or speaking to anyone for long periods of time. I’ve used these totally healthy life skills to comb casino floors for thousands of hours looking for exploitable opportunities – weak shuffling procedures, advantageous slots and more.

When I was betting soccer, I summoned those real-life, anti-social skills and applied them to the accounts I was using. I devoted all of my free time to scouting every betting menu available. Eventually I found huge discrepancies in live baseball prices by comparing lines to one of the sharpest books in the world, Pinnacle. For two seasons I stayed at home and bet live baseball, sometimes even with my baby in my lap.

I explored other outs. I learned how to hustle bonuses in the early 2000s and I found new opportunities online sitting in plain sight.

Who Is rxgamble? A Sports Bettor

If you hang out in a barbershop long enough, you’re going to get a haircut. During the few years I was betting soccer and baseball, and exploiting bonuses, I was learning betting intricacies. I wanted to learn other skills and methods associated with winning sports bettors.

Unabated offered me an opportunity to collaborate. I thought I could use my overall gambling expertise to make smart content from the perspective of a novice bettor. 

I’ve made a lot of money from sports betting, but I know less about the math behind it than most of the bettors reading this. I knew if I collaborated with Unabated, I’d have to learn how to use the tools backwards and forwards. That alone was worth the time it would take me to write articles and make videos

Granted, I didn’t know how steep the learning curve would be –  it takes me three hours to film a two-minute clip. Not only do I get to learn more about sports betting, I also get to learn more about creating content. The guys at Unabated even bought me lights and a new camera.

I watch movies with predictable endings, listen to audiobooks and have a horrible sense of direction. One of my life rules is to never wear uncomfortable shoes. I like coconut curry tofu and my closest friends think I’m funny.

And that is an rxgamble.

You can learn more about Gina and her career on her website.

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