How I Use Unabated — Gina Fiore, @rxgamble

How I Use Unabated — Gina Fiore, @rxgamble

Gina Fiore
Professional Gambling
November 1, 2022

As a professional gambler, an undeniable and less-than-favorite pastime of mine is having anxiety over my options, or lack thereof. 

If I can’t reinvent (or recycle) the wheel every year or so, I can’t continue to make a living. Just like winning poker is about adapting, so is winning at gambling in general. If you’re a card counter and can’t find a game that pays 3-to-2, you had better learn how to spot the dealer’s hole card or you’re out of a job.

I’m a relative beginner at sports betting compared to where I am with beating casino games. Aside from promotions, I’ve done well betting weak lines in major markets or getting down using sharp information that friends and acquaintances give me, often in return for the action I get for them. But my knowledge of betting doesn’t go much further than that. 

Yet it’s hard to escape the noise around positive possibilities in the sports betting world right now. Online, I’m witnessing DFS enthusiasts, poker players and, most surprising to me, measured card counters attempting to win at sports betting. 

As sports betting proliferates nationwide, there are considerably more shops now that didn’t exist a few years ago. With that comes options, and my anxiety.


High-Level Answers, No Code Needed

I want a slice of the current, plus-EV offerings but I don’t code. I don’t run numbers. When I need a casino game broken down, I rely on other people’s analysis. I understand the questions to ask and how to interpret the conclusions but getting the results is not what I do. My job is to get the money once I have the answers. Being this way can make attempts to expand my knowledge on sports betting intimidating. 

That’s where Unabated comes in. Their content gives me ideas on which direction a sports betting beginner like me should take, and which paths to not start down. When I land on something that interests me, they often have published content on the subject.


Learning What You Don’t Know

Unabated founder Captain Jack was on a recent episode of Gambling With An Edge where he talked about the Unabated season simulator. As the NFL season progresses, some books adjust their lines poorly. It’s a spot I wouldn’t have independently thought to examine. Even if I did, I wouldn’t possess the skills needed to find inefficiencies. 

NFL season simulator results


With the tools and information that Unabated provides, I can comfortably run sims to estimate different teams’ performances for the remainder of the season and compare the results with more than a half dozen books. 

The simulator is built in such a way that not all users will get the same answers, because all users have the ability to tweak the data they enter. It can be as in-depth and detailed or as hands-off as they want their simulation to be. The value in that two-minute clip is real. 

Unabated is the best source for content and tools to open your mind up to alternative possibilities and sharpen your overall skills as a bettor, whether you’re a professional gambler or a recreational player who wants to level the playing field.


With this essay, we welcome Gina on as a collaborator at Unabated. We’re excited to have her unique voice and intelligent approach as part of our team. You can look forward to seeing more from Gina in the coming weeks.

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