Sports Betting As A Side Hustle: Winning In An Hour A Day

Sports Betting As A Side Hustle: Winning In An Hour A Day

Jack Andrews
October 12, 2023

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In a recent poll, we asked our users what sports betting was to them. 54.4 percent replied that sports betting is a side hustle. In other words, they have other things in their life that probably take precedence over sports betting. Job commitments, family responsibilities, or maybe they’re just not that into the sports betting grind.

If you’re constrained by the amount of time you can devote to sports betting, is Unabated the right fit? I believe so. I’m going to show you how Unabated can meet you where you are in your daily sports betting.


Unabated Tools For Grinders

For those of you who live and breathe sports betting, Unabated has been designed to be your Bloomberg terminal with a wealth of tools and real-time market information. Top-down bettors flock to Unabated for our Odds Screen. They’re grinders. They put in many hours squeezing all the value out of a very fertile sports betting industry.

Many of them run three to six monitors and Unabated occupies valuable screen real estate. They identify positive expected value in various markets from full games to partial game markets and props. They hit futures markets with our NFL Season Simulator and teaser markets wherever the price is advantageous. Many of these guys print money using Unabated.

Beginning with the 2023 college football season, Unabated has a new feed of information that grinders will find valuable. We’ve hired an expert CFB news team to sniff out position battles, player updates and injury information from all 133 FBS teams. Unabated has incorporated this news feed into our Odds Screen so grinders can identify information-based line movement. However, for the most part, sports betting is more than a side hustle to grinders. What if you don’t have time for that?


Beating Sports With Just One Hour a Day

The first distinction to make is which hour of the day do you have? In other words, do you have control over when you can indulge your sports betting habit? Or is your hour fixed at a certain time each day? If you’re flexible with that hour, there are many different ways to get a lot out of Unabated in a short time period.


Playing Market Dynamics With The Odds Screen

Each sport’s market has a distinct pattern of when lines move. For instance, in MLB the release of lineup information roughly 3-4 hours before gametime has an effect on both game lines as well as prop lines. In the NFL, the injury report on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays is very impactful. For a lot of sports, there’s significant line movement in the morning hours as limits increase at many sportsbooks. You could key on just those specific hours and probably catch the majority of line movement without having to camp on the screen.


player prop projections

Playing Prop Projections

If a Premium subscription is still a bridge too far for you, there’s a lot of value in combining an Essentials subscription with a trusted source of player prop projections. You can load in projection averages from your favorite source and then simulate them out to find edges in median prices at various sportsbooks as displayed on the Unabated Prop Odds Screen. Not all projections drop at the same time, so often you need to be flexible on your timing. However, it typically won’t take more than an hour per day to run the simulations and find the value in the prop market.


Finding Value in The Teaser Tool

Teaser ToolAnother good option for those who maybe don’t have time until closer to gametime is our Teaser Calculator. We debuted this tool in December of last year and it quickly became the goose that lays the golden eggs for many of our users.

It allowed them to unlock value not just in NFL teasers but other sports as well. Since teasers take advantage of market efficiency, it’s often best to play teasers close to gametime when the market is most efficient. If you’ve got sportsbooks that offer a wide range of different teaser options among different sports, you should really give the Teaser Calculator a try. One note: The Teaser Calculator is now part of the Premium subscription tier.


Beating Sports Around a Tight Schedule

For those of you in a situation where you can’t control the hour a day you get to devote to sports betting, Unabated has some options for you as well. In general, these are tools which don’t require specific times to get the most value out of.



NFL Season Simulator Any Time of the Season

One of the great things about the NFL season is that futures bets largely remain available all season long. With games clustered together it can be useful to look for value weekdays between games. Our NFL Season Simulator is always there waiting to help you find value even as the season moves into the colder months. Basically the only time futures bets aren’t available is when a team is playing.


In-game Odds Screen While You Watch Your Team

If the only time you get to focus on sports betting is while your team is playing, there’s plenty of value to be found in monitoring the in-game odds screen at Unabated. While we don’t have an Unabated Line for you to base your source of truth on with in-game play, we do have real-time feeds for over a dozen sportsbooks. You can keep an eye on the changing market and spot plenty of betting opportunities. 



Season-long Contests Offer Great Value

Since legalization, there’s been a growing trend in the popularity of season-long handicapping contests. Unabated has some expert level tools to give you a leg up either in your office contest or in a nationwide mega contest with millions on the line. Last year, Unabated created the NFL Pick’em Edge Tool to help you beat contests where you handicap a certain number of games against the spread each week. It was very popular. This year, we’ve added a Survivor Tool to help you find a path to riches in winner-take-all survivor contests


A Tool To Save You Time And Expedite Your Edge

Ultimately, the purpose of this article was to show you don’t have to constantly grind to get the edge. However, in these examples we’ve assumed you could only choose one path to sports betting as a side hustle. That feels like you’re leaving a lot on the table. Especially with all Unabated has to offer. In the past year we created a tool that was such a game-changer it required its own tier of membership. A tool that reduces the amount of time you need to grind. Which then frees up your time to attack sports betting markets in other ways beyond top-down.


Edge Rusher Makes You Unabated

Earlier this year we introduced Edge Rusher to our Premium subscribers. It scans all of the various sports, alt lines, and partial game lines for all the sports we cover at all the sportsbooks we display. It then collates and presents them for users to sort and pick off. It’s super powerful. 

Powerful enough that we decided it’s best to limit the number of users with access to it.  We created our Concierge Tier as an add-on to the Premium subscription and priced it commensurate with the value it provides to a bettor who wants to be given a direct path to where the value lies in a market.

Edge Rusher also provides you with some key information as to when edges typically appear in a given market and what sportsbooks are more susceptible to having edges. It’s quite a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.


Key Takeaways

  • If you’re sports betting as a side hustle, you can control the amount of time you devote to it.
  • Just an hour a day is enough to extract some real value from betting markets.
  • If you can control your hour, keying in on market dynamics makes the Odds Screen viable. Playing props and teasers are also short lifts with big potential.
  • If your hour a day is less in your control, find value in season-long bets.  Using the NFL Season Simulator as well as our contest tools could fit nicely. You may find big value in in-game betting as well.
  • If you want a timesaver that could really elevate your profits per hour, then Edge Rusher in our Concierge tier add-on service could be amazing for you.

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