Betting Calculators

One of the most innovative features of Unabated is our extensive Betting Calculators. Many of these calculators have long been out of the reach of bettors as they required both data science and coding skills. We brought together both of those skill sets to bring these powerful tools to the people.

Using the vision of co-founder Rufus Peabody, these betting tools were crafted to be both powerful as well as easy to use.

Compare Lines Calculator

Ever wonder which line is better? -3 -120 or -3.5 +100? This calculator allows you to enter both lines and be definitively informed that -3 -120 is the better line.

However, Unabated is all about learning the concepts that will make you a sharper bettor, so we allow you to click Tell Me Why? and get detail of the comparison between the two lines:

The calculator works for spreads and totals in the NFL, College Football, NBA, MLB, and NHL. It is an invaluable resource when it comes to line shopping.

Derivatives - Alternate Lines Calculator

Sportsbooks love to offer derivative options on their betting markets. One of the most popular is the concept of alternate lines for sides and totals. Unabated seeks to take advantage of some of the pricing discrepancies in these derivatives by providing you with a tool that helps accurately price these markets.

The Alternate Line Calculator was the brainchild of co-founder Rufus Peabody and brought to life by our talented Data Science and Engineering teams. Enter a primary line and the alternate line you would like to price and our tool returns the proper pricing for the alternate line.

You can enter in your primary line with vig factored in, or you can remove the vig to get a true market price to shop for. You can also enter more details about the primary market such as the total when computing a side. This powerful tool will quickly become a powerful weapon in your arsenal against sportsbooks.Alternate Lings Calculator

Hold Calculator

We believe the more knowledge a bettor has about a market the more informed their betting decisions become. In order to aid the evaluation of markets we offer a Hold Calculator. Enter the prices of a market and our calculator will return the theoretical hold in that market.

Hold Calculator

This can be useful to create synthetic holds in many different futures markets. It can also spot arbitrage opportunities.

Hold Calculator

Closing Line Value Calculator

One of the most useful ways to determine if you have an edge is to track your Closing Line Value (CLV) in efficient betting markets. For years, bettors have struggled to do this whenever a line moves across several points in the spread.

We hope to resolve some of that frustration by providing you with a Closing Line Value Calculator that works across points. Want to know your CLV in the NFL when you bet +7 -110 and the market closes at -5.5? We’ve got you covered there as well as across all the major sports.

Closing Line Value Calculator

More Calculators to Come

Our Betting Calculators have been such a hit that Unabated users are clamouring for more. We have more tools on the way to help you analyze Partial Game Derivatives such as 1st Half or 1st Quarter. We also have tools in development to help you gain an edge in prop betting markets. These tools will also have applications for DFS bettors as well.

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