Ten MORE Ways to Win Betting Sports With Unabated

Ten MORE Ways to Win Betting Sports With Unabated

Jack Andrews
Line Shopping
August 31, 2023


Less than a year ago, I laid out Ten Ways to Win at Sports Betting With Unabated. In the introduction to that article I pointed out that the most successful advantage players I know have multiple ways to attack. I presented 10 viable ways to use Unabated to find plus-EV plays. But I was just scratching the surface. Now I’m going to outline 10 more ways to profit with Unabated.

It all has to do with surface area. A sportsbook has an advantage because they get to charge vigorish on the betting markets. But they have the disadvantage of having to post a price on every market they offer. Meanwhile, the bettor has the advantage of being able to pick and choose what they bet.

That leads to a large surface area for a sportsbook to defend. At Unabated, we’re always looking to expand the weapons you can use to attack the surface area where they are vulnerable. Let’s get to it.


1. Teaser Calculator

Wong TeaserIn December of 2022, we debuted a tool to help you quantify your edge at teaser bets. The goal of this tool was to not only identify plus-EV good teasers, but also to debunk bad teasers. We even included a share button to help members share their debunking with social media. However, not many people shared their teasers.

It turns out, there were a lot more good teasers than just the standard Wong Teaser that everyone was familiar with. Nobody wanted to share the good thing they’d found. This tool turned into a bona fide golden goose for many members. If you think you know everything there is to know about teasers, you may want to check out our tool.

Here’s how to win with the Teaser Tool: Teasers are effective against more efficient markets. So betting teasers later is typically best. Explore all the types of teasers that your sportsbook offers. It’s getting tough to find good prices on the standard 6-point NFL teaser, but explore other combinations as well.

You select your sportsbook and we’ll grab the lines. You can set the number of legs and the payout. Then it’s just point and click. If the sportsbook you have access to is not listed on the Unabated screen, then you can edit the lines as well. The value of each leg is relative to the Unabated Line and the overall teaser value is relative to the implied probability of the teaser payout you entered.

The Teaser Tool requires a Premium subscription.


2. Pool Pick’em Edges

For many people, beating their weekly office pool isn’t so much about the profit, it’s about the pride. However, pool betting is becoming a big business now. There are many different sites which offer real money office pool style betting. DraftKings has had weekly pools for years. A new site, Splash, is positioned to make a big, er, splash in the pool market as well. 

One of the best way to play pools is to take advantage of line moves that happen after the pool lines are set. You could do this manually by hand, or you could use our Pool Pick’em Edges tool.


NFL Pickem Pool


We’ve got all the major contests: Circa, SuperContest, DraftKings, RunYourPool, and OfficePool. If you’re a Premium member, we’ll show you the edge against the sharp Unabated Line. If you’re not, we’ll still give you the information, but it’ll be compared to a market consensus line.

Here’s how to win with Pool Pick’em Edges: We have the same thing for college football as well. College football pools have a lot more games to choose from. You won’t have everyone playing the same five teams each week. Dominating a CFB pool using just line value is very possible. Know your competition. People tend to play their favorites in CFB pools.



Pool Pick’em Edges is a free product but to see the edge compared to the Unabated Line, you’ll need a Premium subscription.


3. Partial Game Derivatives

First Five Innings LinesOur Partial Game Derivative Calculator has been around for a while, but we continue to add more features to it. For instance, it is built into the First 5 Innings Odds Screen for MLB. You can now shop for the best line even with different F5 spreads or totals. Similar capabilities for NFL and CFB first quarter and first half bets will be added soon.

Sometimes shopping for value will be easy. It’ll be highlighted in green. Other times you’ll need to hunt for it in some alternate runlines or alternate spreads.

Here’s how to win with partial game derivatives: You can often find value on gameday in derivative markets. If you’re looking for one more good bet to place before a game, explore these markets.

Partial Game Tools require a Premium subscription.


4. NFL Survivor Tool

New this NFL season is our Survivor Tool which is designed to give you the edge in the popular Survivor/Last Man Standing contests. You’ll hear more about this tool soon. Essentially, it helps you plot out a winning course in season-long survivor contests. You control the inputs and the power ratings it uses. You decide how much future value you want it to take into consideration and whether you want to mix in some contrarianism. It’s a pretty slick tool that I think many of you will enjoy theorizing with as you progress on in your survivor pools. The Circa Survivor contest will payout $8 million to anyone able to run the gauntlet. Will it be you?


NFL Survivor


Here’s how to win with the NFL Survivor Tool: You use it! It’s the first year for this tool and I suspect the masses you’re competing against won’t know about it. They’ll all use the established sites for plotting out a path to surviving. There’s definitely a first-mover advantage here.

The NFL Survivor Tool requires an Essentials subscription.


5. Edge Indicator

One addition since my last Ten Ways article is the Edge Indicator within the Best Line column. This tells our Premium subscribers what the edge is on the best line they have available on their screen. In the odds screen settings you can specify which books are eligible for the Best Line column. That’s useful if you want to keep an eye on the line at Circa even if you’re not in a Circa betting state. When a best line exists which is a positive expected value when compared to the Unabated Line, the edge indicator is green and it’s time to fire.

Here’s how to win with the Edge Indicator: Look for times when markets are moving. It varies by sport. In MLB it might be early morning or late afternoon when lineups begin to drop. With the NFL it might be when injury reports come out. In college football, it’s largely based on news information. Watching the Unabated Odds Screen can help spot those green edge indicators.

The Edge Indicator is available to Premium subscribers.


6. College Football News

Speaking of lines moving with news information. Unabated has gathered one of the most elite college football news teams and we want to become your source for college football lineup information. You can read more about our news team here

However, when it comes to cashing on the news, Premium subscribers have access to the real-time news feed either integrated in their Odds Screen, or on the standalone news page. They also have access to detailed depth charts to help you decide the effect of removal when a starter is replaced by a backup.


College Football Depth Charts


If you can’t keep up with all the news all week long, they release a summary on the weekend to help you know what to watch.

Here’s how to win with College Football News: In CFB, much like the NFL, the quarterback is the most valuable position. However, without a dedicated injury report schedule, it can sometimes be tough to know who is playing and who is not. Using our news feed you can stay ahead of the line moves and speculate. Buy low, sell high. 

If you’re a Concierge member, you get access to a special Discord channel where the news team discusses news leads and rumors they’re working to track down. You get the news before it’s news. 

College Football News with a 15 minute delay is free to all via @Unabated_CFB on Twitter/X. Premium subscribers get the real-time feed.


7. DFS Pick’em Tool

The hottest thing in the market is DFS player prop parlays at sites like PrizePicks and Underdog. It has brought the excitement of sweating a big parlay to states where sports betting is not yet legal. These sites exist on the DFS carve-out in the UIGEA act of 2006.

At Unabated, we have developed one of the best tools for beating these markets. It’s like a hybrid of our Teaser Calculator and Props Odds Screen. You can load in projections and compare them to the lines offered at those popular two sites. We’ve put together some educational material as well. For instance, what parlay combination offers the lowest breakeven point for the bettor?

The tool is pretty self-explanatory but in case you need some help, here’s our Tom Viola to give you a quick one-minute tutorial.



Here’s how to win with the DFS Pick’em Tool: You’ll find that PrizePicks/Underdog both shade their lines to the Over. Given the massive amount of recreational action they take each day it’s no surprise. After all, the public loves to bet Overs. You’ll often find more value on the Unders. However, be careful. Both of these sites are known to limit winners, so you may need to practice some “Art of Sports Betting.”

The DFS Pick’em Tool is available to Essentials subscribers and above.


8. Alternate Lines Odds Screen

alternate linesAlternate spreads and totals are popular offerings from many books. Sometimes there are edges to be found in those alt line markets. That’s why we incorporated them into the Odds Screen for Premium subscribers via the up-down arrow icon. At once glance you can see all the alt lines available from a book in the market. We even highlight plus-EV alternate lines in green. 

Here’s how to win with alt lines: If you’ve been limited at a book, you can often bet each one of the alt lines instead. Will this make up for it if you’ve been limited to an insulting amount? Maybe not, but getting down on six or seven alt lines to overcome their limits is a fun hack.

Alt Lines require a Premium subscription


9. Edge Rusher

We introduced Edge Rusher when we unveiled our Concierge membership tier. It lives up to the name. It rushes you to the edges presented on the Unabated odds screen. You can use Edge Rusher in both a standalone version as well as a sidebar integrated into the Odds Screen. It alerts you to any edge in any sport we cover, including alt lines and partial game lines as well.


Unabated Edge Rusher


For many bettors, Edge Rusher has been a transformative game-changer. It has shortened the amount of time they need to spend sitting on the Unabated Odds Screen. Edge Rusher also works with Windows notifications. You can leave Edge Rusher running in the background and it’ll give you a pop-up alert anytime there is a new edge that fits your criteria. You can read more about Edge Rusher in this recent article

Here’s how to win with Edge Rusher: Spot an edge. Bet it. Rinse. Repeat. It really is as easy as that.

Edge Rusher is only available in the Concierge Tier.


10. Player Prop Projections

One of the more controversial additions to Unabated in the past six months has been our own player prop projections for WNBA and college football. We’ve always encouraged users to develop their own projections for use in our prop tools and on the DFS pick’em sites. We’ve provided some industry projections as a way of helping users right-size their own projections.

However, when it came to WNBA and college football there weren’t any others out there. We knew some people who were pretty active in the WNBA and CFB DFS space and asked them if they wanted to develop projections. They did, and they’ve been spectacular.

Some may view providing projections as being the same as providing picks. That’s a much bigger debate than we have room for in this article. I will say that projections require a lot of work from the user to still find where to use them and how best to use them. Plus, a player projection gives signal. It tells the user exactly what the line should be. Often a tout selling a pick may give -3, but you don’t know what their actual number is and how far from -3 that bet still holds value. With a projection you know when it becomes a bridge too far.

Regardless, our prop projections have been very successful and our members are quite pleased with the results. WNBA projections are released the day of the game, while CFB projections are typically released the day before the game. Premium subscribers can get the projections and Concierge subscribers get the projections one hour earlier.

Here’s how to win with the Prop Projections: Props in soft markets can be account killers. It’s best to play these projections in places you know you won’t be limited, or via kiosks, or via accounts you don’t mind burning. 

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