Learn About The Game Odds Screen

Jack Andrews
January 27, 2022
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The Unabated Game Odds Screen

This is the new game odds screen at Unabated. This is our preview version with many enhancements and fixes still to be worked into the product. Let me show you around.

You can choose which major US sports market (NFL odds , NBA odds, NCAAF odds, MLB odds, NHL odds, NCAAB odds) you want to display and decide if you want to view the spread, moneyline, total, or a combined hybrid view which shows the spread and total together.

Currently, the odds screen not only supports pre-match full game odds, but also partial game odds like halves, quarters and periods. Use the dropdowns at the top of each odds screen to switch between each of these.

We feature an array of sportsbook lines to choose from. At Unabated we frequently talk about the value of knowing who the odds market makers are. So we have it as a priority to have the fastest feeds available to key market making books in the industry. 

As an example of this we have arranged to display the line for Deck Prism Sports. Deck Prism is a rising star in the sports betting industry and they provide lines in certain markets for some of the biggest names in the business. Circa, Pinnacle, and others. That green light on top of the column? That indicates the latency of the feed and our feed with Deck Prism is real-time. We also have low latency feeds with a few other books. Other market makers such as CRIS and Circa are due to be added soon with real-time feeds as well. 


Customizing Your Display

You can set which sportsbooks you wish to display using the settings icon on the top right. You can also move the column order around by dragging columns where you wish them to be. All your settings are retained from session to session.

As odds change they’ll be highlighted in bright yellow. That highlight will slowly fade to give you an indication of how long ago that change happened. This is useful if you step away from the screen for a few minutes. If you see odds where the numbers have been crossed out, that indicates the line is currently OTB at that sportsbook. That strikethrough number is the last reported odds from that book. If you want to clear the line change highlights from the screen, click the clear changes button on the top of the screen.


Integrated Trading Tools

One of the biggest features of the Unabated Game Odds Screen is the integration with our robust trading tools. You can compare lines simply by sliding the Compare Lines Calculator out and selecting two lines to compare. Additionally, we’ve integrated the alternate lines calculator as well. Select a line from a market making book and you can choose to remove the vig and get the true price of what an alternate line should be priced at. You can also edit the inputs if you desire. We think it’ll definitely speed the process for those of you who hunt for value with our alternate lines tool.

Like a traditional odds screen we also allow you to view the line history for a sportsbook. This is useful to see which direction a line has been moving. Select the line history icon and then choose the odds you wish to bring up the history for. 

As with anything at Unabated we value your feedback. To report issues with the game odds screen click the question mark icon in the upper right hand corner. That will allow you to report an issue and send us a screenshot of what is happening. Known issues and enhancements will be reported via the game odds channel on our sports betting community Discord so be sure to check there for any updates to the product. Enjoy!